Trouble Coffee: The Origin of Artisanal Toast

Artisanal toast. At some point or another you have rolled your eyes when those words were uttered. But as John Gravois explains in this episode of This American Life, artisanal toast’s origins are “very down to earth, and more heroic than annoying.”
Surprisingly, artisanal toast is not rooted in the Mission or Hayes Valley, not even in NOPA. Artisanal toast has its roots in “the windiest, foggiest, furthest flung areas: the Outer Sunset.” Also, contrary to popular belief, toast did not arrive with the hipster or techie wave. The origin of artisanal toast is as “old-school San Francisco” as it gets: “a shop that sells coconuts and toast, in a crummy part of town that nobody went to, run by a person with a significant mental illness.”

Even as the trend has died down, and toast has become somewhat of a joke, Trouble Cafe has stayed true to its manifesto and continues to dish out slices of toast…and almost a decade later, I continue to make the 4 mile bike ride through the wiggle, the panhandle, then all of Golden Gate Park for a $7 slice of toast.

Listen to the Podcast. It will be a good reminder to not be so judgemental.

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