Rua do Ouvidor

During the week, this is one of our favorite places to drink and be marry after work…or the perfect place to cap a tour of downtown Rio. During the weekends it’s a nice place to enjoy a traditional feijoada while listening to sensual samba beats.

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3 comments on “Rua do Ouvidor
  1. I was there during the Olympics and it was super crowded. Tons of tourists. Took forever to get a table and an eternity to get the food Not what I expected at all.

    • The whole city was completely different during the Olympics, but particularly this area because it was part of the Olympic Boulevard. The area’s charm is back now that the Olympics are over.

    • I loved it. I was there last Saturday and eventhough there was a light rain it was still a great place to hang out. I also had the feijoada and it was delicious.

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