Rio Fruits and Juices

Cupuaçu, Jabuticaba, Taparebá, Caja, Caju…the list is endless. You don’t want to miss out on these great tasting fruit juices. The only problem you may have is being paralyzed by too many choices. Watch the video below for tips on what to order. It would be so tragic if you ordered a boring orange or pineapple juice.

Rio Fruits and Juices Details

  • Don't dwell too much on which place is THE BEST. They're all pretty similar. Go with your gut.
  • Ask for little sugar "pouca açucar" or without sugar "sem açucar", otherwise you're juice will arrive with so much sugar you won't be able to taste the fruit. You can always add sugar after you taste it
  • Juices are usually sold in sizes of 300 or 500ml, pequeno and large, respectively.
  • Juices sold in Rio are usually made with the pulp of the fruit instead of fresh fruits.

Here's a brief recap of flavors we recommend. The flavors with the asterist (*) are our favorites:

  • Abacaxi com Hortela - Pineapple and mint
  • Abacaxi com Tangerina - Pineapple and tangerine
  • Melancia com Gengibre - Watermelon and Ginger
  • Maracuja e Fruta do Conde - Passion Fruit and sugar apple
  • Acerola - Barbados cherry
  • Caju* - Cashew (the fruit part not the nut)
  • Cupuacu* - No idea what this is in English
  • Caja* - No idea what this is in English
  • Cacao ao Leite* - Cacao with milk

Other flavors you may want to try, if available:

  • Camu Camu - Similar to Acerola but 30 times more vitamin C!
  • Jaca - Jackfruit (not as smelly as the one in Asia).
  • Mangaba - A delicacy from northeast Brazil

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