Rare Street Coffee – Most stylish roadside cafe

What is Rare Street Coffee? They have excellent coffee, so it’s definitely a coffee shop. They also have premium cocktails. So, is it a bar? They have lunch and a tasty brunch on Sundays. So, is it a restaurant? But wait, it feels like a museum or gallery. What is this place?

Don’t worry too much about what its. Just go check it out.

What you should know

  • They have a respectable food and drink menu.
  • It’s a great place for an evening ‘Apero’ with great selection of the finest Gins.
  • Excellent service. Chat it up with Scout, the friendly and skilled barista – yes, the dude on the picture.
  • Check out the beautiful espresso machine; 40-years making delish coffee libations.
  • Check out their Sunday brunch. What? They’re open on Sunday?!?!?
  • You can reserve tables in advanced. You may need to on Sundays.
  • It’s on a busy street. Outside seating is more relaxing on weekends when traffic is light.

5 stars on Trip Advisor© (23 reviews): “It would have been worth the visit just for the setting[…]but getting impeccably presented espresso coffee made by a barista who knows what he’s doing and cares about the machine it’s made with completed the package.”, “the atmosphere is awesome and the decor second to none”. All reviews.

Instagram©: @rare_street_coffee, #rarestreetcoffee

Location & hours
@ Rapperswil
Mon – Fri 7 – 18
Sat – Sun 9 – 18


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