Praça São Salvador

This is our go-to place when we want to meet friends for a chill-evening. The place is surrounded by many restaurants, so sometimes we meet up for dinner and then a few beers afterwards. The Sunday market is small, but very charming specially when the live chorinho music kicks off. There is also a “roda de samba” on Saturday nights. Check the details below.

Praça São Salvador Details

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3 comments on “Praça São Salvador
  1. This may be obvious, but don’t go on a rainy day even if it’s only a light sprinkle. The locals go into hiding and avoid public spaces like the plague.

  2. We were there on a Tuesday night and it was pretty lively. It’s wasn’t a party or anything close to it, but it was great to just see the neighbors hanging out enjoying life. We also had Pizza at Luigi’s. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a seat outside, which is a shame because it seems like a much nicer experience. The pizza was good. Salad was average.

    • The plaza is definitely more lively Thursdays through Saturdays nights. During the day is pretty uneventful, except on Sundays when the fair takes place.

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