Mirante Dona Marta

Mirante Dona Marta (Dona Marta Vista Point) is where you get that iconic view of Rio that you see in postcards, posters, movies, etc. We are not big fans of “tourist spots” but we like this place because it is rarely crowded, it’s free, and at least for now, there is no souvenir shop in sight.

Getting to Mirante Dona Marta

Probably the reason this place is not visited by mass numbers is because it’s not super easy to get there. But it’s not hard either.

You can get there with:


You can just ask the driver to take you to (or enter into the app) "Mirante Dona Marta". They will drive you to the parking lot of the vista point. You will have to ask the driver to wait for you. It may be good to arrange this before driving up there. In July of this year we paid R$55 for a taxi to drive us from the Largo de Machado Metro station to the Mirante, wait for us there for 25 minutes, and drive us back.

Note that not all drivers will be willing to take you up there, so you may have to try a few.


You can take a mototaxi at the Largo de Machado Station. Mototaxis wait at the corner by the church. They wait for passengers in front of the Flex Center at Rua Largo do Machado 54. They wear yellow vests.

Mototaxis are more willing than taxis to take you there and wait for you.

You'll have to ask the driver to wait for you to bring you back. Agree on a price before you get on the motobike. Back in January 2017 I paid $35 reais for a round trip.

Bus + Walk
  1. Take Bus Line 006 (Central - Silvestre) from Central Metro station. See bus route map here.
  2. You get off at Rua das Paineras. Bust stop looks like this.
  3. Walk up Rua das Paineras following the Sign to "Mirante D. Marta". Signs look like this. The walk is 1.7 km from the bus stop to the Mirante.
  4. Eventually you'll get to parking lot that looks like this. There you'll find the entrance to the view point.
  5. To go back, retrace your steps. The return bus is Line 007 (Silvestre - Central).

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