Marshall’s Beach, “the apotheosis of the best of San Francisco”

Marshall’s Beach, oh Marshall’s Beach. What could we possibly say about you? This is one of those cases when you can only do a place a disservice by trying to describe it in words…unless you’re Kash C. who describes it as…

“The apotheosis of the best of San Francisco.” Kash C., Yelp reviewer

What you need to know

  • It happens to also be a nude beach, specially during the week.
  • The steep descent (actually the steep ascent) deters many people, and that’s great (unless you have some disability in which case, sorry. But you can still explore Lands End).
  • You should definitely combine it with a hike all the way from Lands End or Baker Beach. See map.
  • There can be a significant difference between high and low tides.

More reviews
4.5 Stars on Yelp© (64 reviews) “I don’t know if it was its lack of humanity, its preponderance of beauty, the 270 degree view (starting at Baker Beach on your left, across the infinite Pacific in the shimmering radiance reflecting into your retina of its waves basking in the sun, across the the Marin headlands, finally ending at the Golden Gate bridge), or what that made me realize this was a special moment in life leaving me no choice but to drink-in this confluence of majestic sense perception, this fugue projected straight from heaven manifesting itself for a brief moment in my life on planet Earth, this apotheosis of the best of San Francisco.” Amen, brother. All Reviews.

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marshalls-beach-location Google Map with trail and parking instructions.

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