Lands End – The best sunset spot in San Francisco

Lands End is our favorite sunset spot in the City. Actually, it’s our favorite place in the whole city, period. Apparently, we are not alone…

“Offering some of the most stunning views in a city famous for them, a hike on the Coastal Trail at Lands Ends is a San Francisco bucket list-must for residents and tourists alike.” 7×7 Magazine.

“Lands End […] is the antithesis of the typical experience [in San Francisco]. No cable cars, crowded streets or souvenir tchotchkes.” LA Times.

What you need to know

  • It’s better to go during the week. Everybody and their moms is there on weekends and holidays.
  • Summer is FOGGY and full of tourists.
  • There are many wandering trails but can’t really get lost. We recommend the California Pacific Trail. See map below.
  • Lands End has many secret spots. Take your time to discover them or, f*** it, just read the damned guide.

More reviews
5 stars on Yelp (300+ reviews): “Easily one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever witnessed”, “probably has the most beautiful hiking trails I have ever seen”, “Absolutely gorgeous place”…ok, so Yelpers are prone to platitudes and hyperbole, but for once, we agree. Read all reviews.

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Lands End Location
Lands End Check our Google Map with trails and tips.

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