To get to Inhotim you drive to a small mining town approximately 1.5 hours from Belo Horizonte. Depending on which way you take, you may have to drive on a few dirt roads and go through mining operations. But then, you’ll arrive to one of the largest, lushest botanical gardens you will ever see – the visitor area is equivalent in size to almost 123 football fields. Inside you will find 23 galleries housing an impressive collection of modern art – the galleries, by the way, are themselves pieces of art.

Nothing we say or show you is going to do this place justice. Better go experience it for yourself or at least check out their website where you can do a virtual tour:

Visiting Inhotim Tips
  • This place is huge. You should plan on spending at least two full days to experience the whole park
  • Entrance is free on Wednesdays
  • Hotel options nearby are limited. Even if the hotel is listed as being in the “town of Brumadinho”, it may still take you 30 minutes by car to get there. Check how far the hotel is before you make a reservation. Check out the options listed in the official site.
  • Bring an umbrella or sun protection if you plan to walk it – you can also pay to use the mini-shuttles inside the park
  • The nearest airport is in Belo Hozionte. You can fly into the international airport (Confins) or the local airport (Pampulha)
  • It’s not easy to get to Inhotim from the airports or Belo Horizonte with public transit. You might just have to rent a car.
  • You could combine a visit to Inhotim with a visit to historic Ouro Preto or Tiradentes, two and three hours by car, respectively

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