Glen Canyon Park – Wildnerness oasis in the heart of the San Francisco

Glen Canyon Park feels so remote that you may forget that you’re in the middle of the City.

It features incredible spring wildflower displays, dramatic geological formations, and Islais Creek, one of the few remaining free-flowing creeks in San Francisco.

Yet, it’s only 3-4 BART or Muni stations from downtown San Francisco. The easiest way to access the park are:

  • Via the Glen Park Recreation Center if coming from Glen Park neighborhood; only a 10 minute walk from the Glen Park BART and Muni station (J-line on muni).
  • Via the entrance behind the San Francisco School of the Arts if arriving from Diamond Heights neighborhood (Portola Drive); only a 10 minute walk from the Forest Hill Muni Station (L, M, K, and T lines).

Glen Canyon Park is outstanding on its own, but you can also combine it with a jont to MOUNT DAVIDSON, which is the highest peak in San Francisco. The map above shows the link between the two jonts.

If you’re into climbing, there is a rock face good for climbing in the middle of the park.

Glen Canyon Park is a dog paradise (many of them off-leash), there are also coyotes now and then. Watch out.

There are almost four miles of hiking trails, but it’s nearly impossible to get lost. Walk in any direction and find yourself in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Glen Canyon Park Source: San Francisco Parks and Recreation


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