Football Game at Maracanã

You’ll probably want to watch a live football game, while you’re in Brazil, specially at storied Maracanã Stadium. And you should. Just make sure you choose the right game – some games can be real sleepers. But if you pick the right game, the experience can be…well, we hope the video above gives you a taste.

Football Game at Maracanã details

Watching a game at Maracanã is a fun and easy jont. You can get there with Metro and it’s fairly easy to get tickets. See details below.

However, you should be aware that not all games have a lively atmosphere. The games with the best fan atmosphere are the rilvary games between the Rio teams or the games against big teams teams like Corinthians, Santos, Gremio, and Club Atletico Mineiro.

Rio Teams

There are four main teams in Rio:

  • Flamengo (or Mengão) is the biggest team in Brazil. You’ll see the red and black shirts all over Brazil. It has a reputation for being the team of the poor, but it pulls fans from all social classes. Lots of greats have played there, but Zico is perhaps the greatest.
  • Vasco da Gama (or Vasco) is the second largest club in Rio. It was founded by Portuguese immigrants. Like Flamengo, it also attracts working class fans. The rivalry with Flamengo is intense and games can get out of control, particularly in the stands.
  • Fluminense (or Tricolor) is the third largest club in Rio. Like Flamengo, it also attracts fans across Brazil you you may see the green, red and white shirts worn outside of Rio. The Tricolor is the traditional club of the wealthy but attracts fans from all social classes. Rivellino is perhaps the greatest Fluminense player of all time.
  • Botafogo (or Fogo) has a much smaller fan base than other teams in Rio. It’s the club of hippies and intellectuals...and of old people (Botafogo dominated Brazilian football in the 60s, its players practically wining the 62 world cup for Brazil). It’s most famous player is also Brazil’s most talented player ever: Garrincha.

Maracanã is home field for Flamengo and Fluminense. Vasco de Gama and Botafogo have their own stadiums, São Januário and Engenhão, respectively. These two stadiums are in rough parts of the City and not easy to get to with public transit, so we don’t really recommend going to games there.

Upcoming games

Flamengo Games at Maracana stadium
Aug 8 @ 21:45- v Palestino - game of South American Cup
Flamengo also plays Vasco at Sao Januario stadium (See below)

Fluminense games at Maracana stadium
June 29 @ 21:45- v Universidad Catolica Ecuador - South American Cup
Fluminense also plays Botafogo on July 12 location to be determined

Vasco games at São Januário Stadium
July 8 @ 16 - v Flamengo - BIG RIVALRY GAME, be safe!

Botafogo games at Engenhão Stadium
June 26 @20h v Avai
July 9 @16h v Atletico Minas Gerais
July 12 @21h v Fluminense - BIG RIVALRY GAME, may move to Maracana
July 17 @20h v Sport
July 26 @19:30 v Atletico Minas Gerais

Where to get tickets

You can usually buy tickets at the gate on the day of the game. For big games you may have to get there at least two hours before the game to buy tickets. Lines can be very long.

You can also buy tickets days before the game at each of the clubs' headquarters/training grounds:

Getting there

There is a Metro station right at the stadium, so the best way to get there is with Line 2 of the Metro. Please note that on weekends, if you are coming from the South Zone of the city (e.g., Ipanema, Leblon, etc.), you have to take lines 1 or 4 and transfer at Estacio station. Just follow the crowds.

Here is a map of the metro to help you get around. And a location map:

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