Feira de São Cristovão

Sixty hours of non-stop party every weekend; celebrating the culture of northeast Brazil through food, music, and folklore. This place is a little kitsch, but we love how its warmth and charm. People go there not to be cool, they go there to have fun. This is the place to go if you want to dance forro, and eat queijo coalho, stuffed tapicas, or any other specialty from the northeast.

Feira de São Cristovão

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2 comments on “Feira de São Cristovão
  1. Forro is so much more fun than samba or bossa nova. People actually dance to forro instead of just swaying back and forth like they do in Samba. This jaunt was definitely worth the trip just to find out about this kind of music.

  2. I loved this place. A little kitsch but fun nonetheless. This is also where I bought all the goodies to bring back to my family and friends: wooden toys for my nieces, cachaca for my brother, tapioca flour for my parents to try, a Brazil jersey for my best friend.

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