Easter in Ouro Preto

Easter in Ouro Preto is magical. Like many places in Latin America, it is celebrated with a procession recreating the Passion of Christ and other festivities throughout the week. But the highlight of the celebration is the procession on Easter Sunday when the streets are covered with colorful carpets made by the locals with natural materials (i.e., woodchips, flowers, leather remnants, etc.)

Easter in Ouro Preto Tips
  • Plan to arrive the night before so you can watch the carpets being made
  • Carpets start being assembled at 20:00 and continue being assembled trough the night.
  • On even-numbered years the procession leaves from Igreja Nossa Senhora do Pilar and heads towards the plaza of Igreja Bom Jesus de Matosinhos
  • In odd-numbered years it starts in Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Antonio Dias and heads towards Nossa Senhora do Rosário.
  • Book your room in advanced.
  • Avoid the tourist area by going to the areas away from Praça Tiradentes
  • A trip to Ouro Preto can be combined with trips to Mariana and Tiradentes
  • There are four buses daily from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto. Click Here
  • It’s not so easy to get there with public transit from the Belo Horizonte Airport (Confins)
  • The town is pretty small. You can see most of it in two days

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  1. Minas Gerais! ❤️ Land of pão de queijo (cheese bread), coffee, cachaça and a good conversation.

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