Dandelion – Discover Chocolate Terroir

We could tell you what we think about Dandelion, but plenty has been written about it by more important people:

“At Dandelion Chocolate’s bean-to-bar factory and café, you’ll find single-source chocolate bars roasted to subtle perfection.” — CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER

“Dandelion roasts and grinds beans from a single farm or cooperative at a time. It’s a winemaker’s approach, and each bar is as distinct from the next as a Chianti is from a Barolo.”— NEW YORK TIMES

“Each of Dandelion’s single-origin bars is unique to its terroir—the Dominican is nutty and bright, the Liberian earthy and umami-rich—and helps sustain the inhabitants (feathered and not) of the land.”— VOGUE

“Instead of using additives and strange, unpronounceable ingredients to alter the flavor of his chocolate, [Dandelion Chocolate] relies on the distinct taste of the beans.”— SAVEUR

Need more praise from the press?

“San Francisco’s Dandelion makes wonderful bars in the right way – informed concern for growers and industry standards, and lively and inclusive customer relations.”— THE TELEGRAPH

“This San Francisco bean-to-bar producer makes artisanal single-origin bars wrapped in beautiful paper.”— FOOD & WINE

“This is how chocolate should be—complex and alive but balanced, not unhinged.”— SERIOUS EATS

“Dandelion Chocolate: where they teach small, personalized classes at their Mission District shop in San Francisco.”— TRAVEL & LEISURE

“If chocolate has terroir, then this one has it in spades. Each time I take a bite I can’t help imagining the ground the beans were grown in.”— RUTH REICHL

“‘Small batch’ is what’s big at Dandelion Chocolate, a new bean-to-bar factory and cafe in San Francisco’s Mission District. Here, the focus is on quality, not quantity: Made in small amounts (with no batch exactly the same), at any given time nearly all the chocolate is on display, and it sells out almost immediately.”— USA TODAY

“They’re artisans without being mysterious about it. As a longtime evangelist for the maker community, Dandelion’s love of the process (so deceptively simple!) exemplifies the maker culture that I so dearly love.”— ADAM SAVAGE

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The featured video for this jont was produced by Cat Trick, a collective of independent filmmakers. Check them out on Vimeo. If you want to know more about the Dandelions philosophy check out this video.
This video was produced by the very talented Hanna Radcliff