Christ the Redeemer Hike

TRAIL TEMPORARILY CLOSED – We are not going to lie, the Christ the Redeemer hike (a.k.a. Corcovado hike) is very tough. But it beats standing in line for hours with hundreds of other tourists waiting for the van or train. And you also get to experience the stunning atlantic forest (Tijuca National Forest) right in the middle of the City.

Christ the Redeemer Hike Details



All prices below are in Brazilian Reais. Updated as of Jan 2015.

Getting there

  • Taxi: Depends on location
  • Bus: $3.50
  • Metro/Metro na Superficie:/ $3.50

Entrance to Cristo

  • Low Season: $22
  • High Season: $44

Alternative Return

  • Option 1: Take the train down for $35; plus: taxi or bus to your final destination from Cosme Velho
  • Option 2: Van from Rua das Paineras to Cosme Velho neighborhood for $15; plus: taxi or bus to your final destimation from Cosme Velho
Getting to Parque Lage

As usual, it is easiest to take a taxi or Uber. Ask to be dropped off at Parque Lage or "Rua Jardim Botanico, 414". But you can also use the following public transit options.

Nearby Jonts

Parque Lage
This is the most beautiful park in Rio. Experience the Atlantic forest without leaving the city. A nice alternative to the Botanical Garden. Details.

Instituto Moreira Salles
Our favorite museum in Rio; great art exhibits including the best collection of Brazilian photography. The building and gardens designed by Burle Marx are also pieces of art. Details.

Other Hikes

Claudio Coutinho Trail
This is an easy hike (actually a stroll) through dense atlantic forest with incredible views of the ocean and the Guanabara Bay. Details.

Morro da Urca Trail
The Sugarloaf gets all the love, but the views from Urca Hill are just as spectacular and you can get there with a hike through incredible atlantic forest. Details.

Dois Irmãos Hike
Hike to the top o fone of the most iconic landmarks of Rio for the best views of the Marvelous City. Details.

Pedra da Gavea Hike
Hike the equivalent of three Eiffel Towers for glorious views of Rio. This is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Rio, but also one of the most difficult hikes. Details.

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  1. The hike was so much more fun than Christ itself (is that sacrilegious to say? haha). Anyway, don’t do this hike if it has been raining. The trail is steep and some parts get very slippery.

  2. It only took us 1.5 hours to get to the top but this hike was definitely harder than I expected it.

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