Brazilian Music

Maybe all you know of Brazilian music is the “Girl of Ipanema”- the second most recorded pop song in the world. Maybe you’re good enough to hum along “Aquarela do Brasil” – see video above. Or maybe you already know what is forro, axe, and sertanejo. Regardless of your level of knowledge, here are some resources to help you expand your Brazilian music repertory.

Brazilian Music Details

Spotify Playlist

We asked 20 Brazilians to make a list of songs that they believe are representative of Brazilian music. Here's what they came up with:*

*Some songs may not be available in your country.
**It will for sure upset some people to see Ludmila and MC Sapao on the same playlist as Caetano and Tom Jobim.

Video Playlist

These are some of our favorite Brazilian music videos.

More information

The New York Times music critics put together a starter kit of 30 key Brazilian songs. The list includes classic and contemporary hits.

Culture Trip compiled an excellent list of the most popular Brazilian musicians. The list includes all the classics but it's short on the new voices of Brazilian music.

Samba Documentary

A quick look at the contemporary samba scene in Rio.