Bird & Beckett – Best Jazz Club (and bookstore) in San Francisco

Bird & Beckett is quintessential San Francisco. A charming (and unabashedly liberal) neighborhood bookstore by day, and one of the best music venues in the city by night. Few places embody the city’s cultural scene like Bird & Beckett.

What you need to know

  • A fantastic selection of books, specially considering the size of the store.
  • Open mic nights, poetry readings, and live jazz throughout the week. Check the calendar.
  • Most shows are by “suggested donation” of $10-$20. You can also donate to Bird & Beckett’s Cultural Legacy Project.
  • Bring your own beer, wine, cheese, whatever. Canyon Market is just around the corner.
  • If you go, give Eric a hug and thank him for creating such magical space.

Btw, the band featured in the video is The Cottontails, one of the coolest local bands. Check them out.

Bird & Beckett Reviews
4.5 stars on Yelp© (86 reviews): “If you haven’t been here you’re going to cry”, “This is what old San Francisco feels like”, “What a powerhouse of culture!”, “my favorite nook and cranny in the city, by far”, “Wine + Books= Heaven”, “[a] community institution”, “run by people who are awesome.” Read all reviews.

Instagram©: @bird.beckett, #birdbeckettbooks

Bird & Beckett Location
Bird Beckett Location653 Chenery St. Five minute walk from Glen Park BART and Muni (J-Line) Station. Google Map.

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