Best Tapioca Crepes in Rio

Tapiocas recheadas (or stuffed tapioacas) are crepes made with hydrated manioc flour stuffed with savory or sweet stuffing. It’s a traditional dish from northeast Brazil, but it has recently become very popular all around Brazil – and just because it’s gluten free, it will probably be come the next diet craze around the world.

In Rio, you can find Tapicas everywhere, from street carts to the fancy restaurants. However, Tapiocas Matuto in the Catete neighborhood is our favorite spot. Kleber and Josy of Matuto serve delicious tapiocas and burgers in a vibrant street setting. They have managed to transform a rather unattractive corner into a lively neighborhood gathering spot. The food they serve is higher quality than what you may find at many other street food stalls around Rio.

Best Tapioca Crepes in Rio Details

Getting there

Matuto sets up shop at the corner of Rua do Catete and Rua Correa Dutra.

The easiest way to get there is with the Metro. The nearest station is Catete, but you can also walk there from Largo de Machado Station.


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  • Our favorite savory tapiocas at matuto are 1) Salmon with catupiry cheese 2) Shitake mushrooms, and 3) Chicken with catupiry cheese.
  • Our favorite sweet tapicas at Matuto are Strawberries with nutella and coconut, and banana with nutella.
  • You should watch a tapioca being made. It really is like magic. They throw the powder onto the grill and it magically melts into a crepe.
  • Matuto also has an above average selection of beers to go with your food.
  • There is a juice place across the street where you can grab a fruit juice to go with your food.

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