The best bakery in the country – Tartine

“Best bakery in the country”, really? Hey, we don’t make this sh**t up:

“It’s common knowledge that the best bread in San Francisco–make that America–is made by the brilliant, obsessive baker Chad Robertson at his Mission District storefront, Tartine Bakery.” Bon Appetite. Read Article.

“Tartine emerged as this year’s top bakery” USA Today. Read Article.

Tartine “…has reached cult status among passionate bakers for good reason: As bread recipes go, it’s nearly perfect.” New York Times. Read Article.

“Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s Mission District phenomenon is its city’s gold standard for impeccable organic bread.” Saveur. Read Article.

Tartine’s croissants“…are exquisite. Flaky, perfectly bronzed, and however mammoth, a nearly perfect pastry.” Serious Eats. Read More.

We could point you to hundreds of articles, but you probably get the picture.

Still not sure?
4 starts on Yelp (6,900+ reviews)
Instagram: #tartinebakery

Tartine Bakery Location
Tartine Bakery Location 600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110

By the way, that lovely video of Tartine was produced by Lani Renee for Four Seasons of Food. Read Article.