Bernal Heights Park – Best Place to watch the fog roll in

Bernal Heights Park is one of my favorite spots to go in the summer. It’s acutally great year-round, but the park’s windswept slopes are usually sunny when the rest of the city is being pummeled in afternoon fog. It’s a stunning view.

Getting to the top is definitely not a hike, but also not a leisurely walk. If you’re not in shape, you’ll struggle.

What you need to know

  • Wear sneakers or comfortable shoes. It’s slippery even when it’s dry.
  • There are several entrances. See map below.
  • Dog friendly. Many of them off-leash.
  • Views at night are also very nice.
  • The swing is east of the telecom tower. Also, check out the Esmeralda Slide Park. See map below.
  • Wear warm clothes. It’s pretty windy up there.
  • There are no restrooms nearby.

4.5 stars on Yelp© (269 reviews): “feels more of a neighborhood park and attracts a lot of locals with dogs”, “I always feel very alive when i am up there”, “Surprisingly, this place is not crowded.”

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