Alter do Chão – Best Amazon Beaches

The New York Times says “Alter do Chão must rank among the world’s most alluring beach towns.” That is a good summary. Read the whole article.

Alter do Chão Details

Alter do Chão is 33km west of Santarém, one of the largest cities in the Amazon. You can easily get to Alter do Chão with public transit from the main bus station in Santarém.

Most people go there to visit the Ilha do Amor (Love Island), which is surrounded by white sand beaches. We prefer to rent a boat and explore the beaches 15-20 minutes further out.

Best time to visit is when the water is low (August to December). Sometimes the beaches all but disappear when the water is high.

If you can, it is best to visit this place during the week. The weekends get really crowded with people from Santarém and elsewhere. All of the shots in our video where shot during the week.

Alter do Chão is also a good starting point to explore the nearby forest reserves and isolated communities.

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