gojont has pivoted, and is now both a movement and a platform that is changing the world with a disruptive social network for…Just kidding! I don’t speak Siliconese (the funny dialect of Silicon Valley). Here is what gojont is about:

I love discovering cool places, making short videos about them, and sharing them with friends.

The idea for gojont dates back to when my wife and I put together our wedding invitation:

Wow! that was a long time ago. Anyway, gojont is not the Uber of this, nor the Tinder of that. It’s simply a library of cool experiences.

That’s it. Simple. No app to download, no passwords to remember, no new social network to belong to, no reviews to sort through, no deciphering what a score means. Just discover cool experiences and go try them.

If you like adventures and new experiences, follow me on Instagram @wegojont. I’ll post new jonts every week.


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